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Gallery 078

My thanks for to "SConanLee" for this picture of his 1973 Reliant Super Robin. SconanLee writes:

I have been doing up this 1973 Reliant super robin for 5 years now! (i dont have much cash!) I was 17 when  we first met.....  I found her in a farmers field it was being used as a  chicken shed!!! so I offered the farmer enough to buy his chickens a real  shed and took her home! after 5 minutes she started (once Id given her some petrol and a battrey,) the engine had a large crack in it and she sounded  like a microlite! so I removed the 750 and
replaced it with a 850cc which i have had modifyed.

It has a ported and gas flowed head and the fly wheel  has been drilled and  lightend. This gives the car a top indicated speed of 105 mph (probably really about 95 but it is Very scary  it vibrates so much your hands go numb!) it will also do 0- 60 in about 12 seconds with  two people in her not bad even by todays car standards! Id like to modify  the exaust next into a  twin exit job that comes out just below the rear window . I'll keep you posted! any questions about my car feel free to email me ....

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