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Gallery 077

My thanks for to Pierre Rholl for sending me various pictures of his 3-wheelers. Pictured is his All Car Snuggy (top picture) and Acoma Minicomtesse.  Pierre writes:

Why car on the side? Just for the fun, isn't it the speciality of our 3 wheeler
cars! ....
.(referring to the bottom picture) .... This is my ...  Minicomtesse with a 47cm3 saxonette motor, built from 1975 to 1980 ( or so) by the ACOMA firm. The motor is at the top of the front wheel and turns with it just like the Solyto ( NEW MAP ). Only one place but 2 doors, one normal and the other butterfly type in french we call that porte papillon but in english?... For the little story it is to say that this second door and the 2 little front wheels have been added because one day a lady was driving , certainly with too much speed one of the first car built when she left the road and fell down, of course on the side of the door...You can imagine she was never able to get out alone. But perhapes it is a legend ? .....
One thing is sure : I  have never seen Minicomtesse with one door and 3 wheels  so : mystery ?

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