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Gallery 075

My thanks go to Dave Majors for these photographs of the BMW Isetta AeroCar 2 owned by Roy Murphy.

First of all Dave writes that this is:

... An unusual 1957 Isetta I ran across in Dallas 2 weeks ago. It is powered by a 235 HP 6 cylinder  Lycoming aircraft engine with 6 foot propeller and should go 120 mph  plus. The Piper 235 that used this engine will do 140 MPH & it weighs a lot more. It belongs to Roy Murphy who just bought it and plans on restoring it to new condition. It has 3 wheels for land use & 3 skies  that attach to the wheels for snow use. Dallas doesn't get much snow but I bet he will head north to try it out. He has decided to call it "BMW 300  AeroCar 2" since I have "AeroCar" #1.

Roy Murphy writes:

... I had to name the car "Aerocar 2," as Dave officially has "Aerocar." My wife  and I belong to a Morgan Car Club in Dallas.  This was our first
exposure to  Isettas, as 4 other club members own Isettas (in various states of repair). I was visiting a friend of mine who also has a car collection, when I noticed this Isetta over in the weeds. A few weeks later, I bought it just  because it was so unusual!

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Roy Murphy's BMW Isetta AeroCar 2 (Pictures taken by Dave Majors)

Dave Majors 1959 BMW 600 AeroCar 1 - It has 4 wheels I know but in this case I am going to make an exception.