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Gallery 074

My thanks go to Sam Houghton for these pictures of his 1978 Reliant Super Robin.  Sam writes:

Here are some photos of my Super Robin I bought last summer. After a bit of a wash down and polish, (it had been stored for a while) it was soon shining like  new. Unfortunatly I had a bit of a disaster in the autumn when I tipped the thing on its side after hitting a patch of diesel on a main road. ... I have heard from quite a few people that its difficult to turn a  Robin over but its my own fault from trying to powerslide it round bends!!  I was going round a 90 degree right turn and the back just slid out, rather than just brake and have an undamaging if embarrasing spin I opposite locked it and floored it, the Robin switched back the other way and then gripped and dug into  the road before ending up on its side.

Some local resident panicked and dialed  999 and two cop cars, one motorbike, one ambulance and a fire engine turned up as I was sitting on the newly righted bonnet dialing breakdown cover on my phone.

The  road had to be closed because petrol had spilled all over the road and i was  breathelised just as it was reopened and all the held up motorists came past, WHAT A NIGHTMARE!! Oh well, its  currently undergoing body repairs and I hope to have it on the road again soon.

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