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Gallery 071

My thanks for to Richard Friedman for these pictures of his 1903 Dickinson Morette. Regarding his Morette, Richard writes :

... I believe it is the only one.  I am in touch with B.E. Dickinson's great  granddaughter, I believe she is the only surviving relative. She lives
near Pershore. (Birmingham, UK) I have many articles from the period. Mine is a 02 / 03 single  cylinder ... I would like to find out if any information exists about the "Toledo Engine Works" in Birmingham. This is  what was engraved on the Morette's Hub Caps. Can you help?

The top picture shows the Morette when Richard received it and the colour picture is after restoration though it still needs a FN carburettor circa 1902. The Morette was made in Aston Brook Street (Birmingham UK) which is about 5 minutes from where I work so I took a drive down the street but sadly "modernisation" has engulfed most of the street so there are no clues present as to where the Morette was made.

If you have any information on the Toledo Engine works in Birmingham (UK) or a circa 1902 FN carburettor please contact Richard at

Richard's Dickinson Morette can also be seen on the Dickinson page in the A-Z section of this site.

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