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Gallery 063

My thanks go to Kerry Croxton for these pictures of his and his father's Reliant Ant. (TW9). Kerry writes:

Ref: Top Picture:  1971 Reliant TW9/BTB Ant steel bodied tipper.

This was actually the first Reliant I ever owned. Bought in 1989 from a scrap yard in Walsall for 100. I had been approached by the owner whilst out collecting timber in my dad's Ant! (Bottom picture 1979 16 cwt Ant Dropside Truck) The engine ran, but the  steering box had had it and the vehicle was totally devoid of anything electric, with the except of the hydraulics for the tipper.

The vehicle was alleged to have been manufactured by Reliant in 1971 and started life as a milk float. It was converted to a tipper by BTB Engineering, Blackburn, Lancashire in 1980 before being used on  site at the NEC in Birmingham. The Ant would appear to have covered over 118,000 miles..

The vehicle was partially refurbished to the state you see in the photo, unfortunately on it's first test drive I found the clutch  had gone. This together with the fact that the DVLA seemed to have no record of  the vehicle have meant that the vehicle remains unroadworthy and has not been touched for some years.

I hope that come the summer I will have time to  complete renovations. I intend to fit an 850 engine when I do the clutch (it  only has a 750 at present). The tipper needs a new base welding in, the brakes no doubt need a once over and the hydraulic clutch a seeing to. DVLA accommodating I hope to have it on the road in the near future

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