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Gallery 062

My thanks go to Ray Sterling for these pictures of his 1961 Reliant Regal Mk VI. Ray writes:

My interest in three wheeled Reliants stems from curiosity towards unconventional or eccentric vehicles (but where can I find a 1930's  Trojan 4 wheeled car with a rear mounted 4 cylinder two stroke engine?). They  made them but I have not heard of a survivor. Back to 3 wheels. ... I have had the Regal for about 6 years... I am rebuilding the engine and hope to have the car on the road this year. The original registration LCM 66 was sold by a previous owner and is now on an Audi Quattro!

Rays E-mail address is:

Update July 2005

I had a very fair MOT at John's Motors near Towcester where I live (Reliant Dealer). The restoration had taken me so long that some of the parts refurbished or replaced early on in proceedings gave trouble on the big day, namely a seized offside brake cylinder. After dismantling it and polishing the bore and piston I set off again for the MOT next day and suffered fuel vapour lock, a common problem. Third time lucky, I got the car to the garage the following day with everything still working and have since covered 350 local miles whilst sorting out the various settling in pains after the car's 20+ years holiday.

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