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Gallery 059

My thanks fo to Roger Grainger for this picture of his 1960 Berkeley T60.  Roger writes that he:

"bought it as "original" from a local club member in Oct '99 - it was almost running, carb needed a  jolly good seeing-to because the car had stood in a shipping container for  about 7 years without being run), but I found a number of modifications (inner wing being torn apart by weight of battery, common on these cars, home  made exhaust and heater etc) but generally in good condition with lots of original documentation.

My job keeps me very busy (teaching IT), so I work on the car sporadically. At present I have to overhaul the braking system  (which had completely seized) and then master the gearchange; after this, I  shall try for an MOT. Luckily, the club is very supportive, and most spares are available.

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