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Gallery 058

My thanks got to Bill Fidler for these photographs of his Trivator. Bill writes:

I first saw it in July, 1997. My girl  Debbie & I went out to Roswell, New Mexico for the 50th anniversary of the  "Alledged" space ship crash there in '47. While there, I was kinda pissed that I  hadn't brought my servi along to ride. (The weather there was tremendous). So, I thought I could at least stop in a couple of shops & check out the locals'  bikes. I stopped in this one little shop, and asked if they had any trikes. She  says, "only the one out front". I saw the Vator. I said "no, a REAL trike. THATS just a mutant car". The discussion went on from there. Anyway, before we were ready to leave, the guy showed up, and was hooking the trike up on its trailer, to take it home. We talked. I asked him what the hell it was. He said, "It's a  Trivator. Made here in N.M." I asked him what he'd take & he said 3,000.00.  I laughed. He gave me his card. Dont know quite why, but I did take it, although  I still thought it was the UGLIEST thing I'd ever seen.

AFTER he'd gone, & on our way starting home, I started to think about this thing. THEN, all the ideas of what we'd just been there for, (the spaceships & all) started to  click in my head. And all of a sudden, this little trike DIDN'T look all so bad  anymore. We even came up with a name for it, after we'd get it all fixed up.  "StarCruiser". Anyway, I get home here to Penna., and call him. He says "I knew you'd be changing your mind. You're JUST LIKE I was when I first saw her." Said he too, thought it was ugly, until all these ideas started to come to him. Then  he turns around and pays 7,000.00 for it, and drove it home. I said, O.K, let me  think about it.  I dont call him back. I LOSE the number. O.K., I say, She's  GONE.... About a YEAR later, my girl says to me, (while in another conversation  over this trike), "Dont you still have the old phone bills, from when we called him??" I say, thats it !!! We look. I find it. I call him. He says sure, he's been WAITING for me to call. Says he KNEW that I'd want her. Same as he did. He  told me he could have sold her THREE times, but he KNEW that I'd be calling back, AND that he felt better if I would be the one to get her, rather than the  others that wanted to buy her while I hadn't called. Said he had my number hanging right there in front of him. I say "WHY the heck didn't YOU call ME,  after all this time??" He said no, he knew I would call when I was  ready. So, I'm beginning to think this thing was  MEANT for me to have. So, we make another trip out to New Mexico, and pick her  up. I now have her apart, and am going over the frame, and will hopefully have her back together this summer.

Bill's Trivator can also be seen on the Trivator page in the A-Z section of this web site.

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