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Gallery 057

My thanks go to David Farrant for these pictures of his Reliant Robins and Reliant Rialto.  David writes:

While looking through your galleries, I was as surprised as you not to see more early Robins. OK, I have very few pictures of the Reliants I have  owned over the last 25 years, but I do have a few. First, a red Robin van, about 2 years old when this was taken in 1980. Look at that shine!! That one did actually tow that boat a couple of times. Talk about the tail wagging  the gog. I feel seasick just thinking about it. Then a brown Robin Estate taken on holiday near Scarborough. This was about 1990 and that one had some serious surgery to get it and all the family and a weeks luggage 200 miles from home. I checked the water... Last but not least, a blue Rialto doing some shunting, about 1992. When I find the rest you shall have copies, if only for the silly places I tend to take pictures of them!

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