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Gallery 054

My thanks go to Alan Hubbard for sending me these pictures of his old Reliant Regal 3/25 that he use to own in the 1970's. Alan writes:

The first picture ... shows my old Reliant Regal in "Invader" mode. I bought the car from the breakers for 40 in 1977. Originally it was Primrose yellow fitted with a 600cc engine, and had several large cracks in the body and boot.

I learnt all about Reliants in those early days as I stripped it down to  every last part. I fitted a 700cc engine complete with an air scoop on the bonnet ducted into the carb. Keeping in with the 70's  I "furred out" the interior, well it covered up all the dull plastic vinyl. I then resprayed it myself in Electric Blue and fitted a musical horn which played Space Invader sounds!! I thought it sounded great......well  I was only 17.!!!!

The next picture ... shows the front end following the boot painting. I changed the name to "Close Encounters" and added a set of cruise lights to the bonnet apron. So it sort of became a "custom car".

The last two pictures ... shows the bootend complete with my airbrushed  painting of the Close Encounters Image from the film which I painted on in 1978 and subsequently changed its name. Note the rear end with its fitted Hillman Hunter rear lights and reversing  lights in the extended tail fins!! Also note the twin electric aerials fitted in the roof corners. I remember  once going into a multi storey car park shortly after fitting them, and didnt think about the low roof. The extended aerials on the roof meant that the tops were some 8 or 9 foot up. Consequently they were reduced in height when I  shot into the car park, what a racket!!!!!

You will also note: the side of the car is complete with "one way  mirror film" on the windows and with "optical illusion" Revolution 4 wheels. Amazing what a bit of black and white paint and masking could do. Incidently these are the last 2 photos I took, as I had sold the car to the guy in the drivers seat for 200 in 1982/3.  I don't think the car survived as I've got a feeling the new owner went on  to roll it but I can't be sure.

I was also living next door to David Jason's (Of Only Fools and Horses fame) brother so he would have seen my Regal whenever he visited, but why he never asked me to paint his old yellow Supervan I shall never know......think what I could have painted on those sides........well it was his loss!!!!

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