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Gallery 049

My thanks go to Richard Moulds for sending in this picture of his Replicar Cursors that he has recently sold. Richard has provided me with the specs of the cars:

A single seater Cursor,

50cc powered microcar First Registered in 1986. Tax is 15.00 a year. Runs on 2 stroke unleaded petrol very economical. Has the option of a soft top for the summer or hard top for the winter complete with sunroof. Has a small boot which entry is gained via the drivers compartment or by the hatchback style rear window. A very practical town car. Can be driven on a moped licence. Ideal promotions vehicle as it is a terrific head turner.

Very Rare 2 Seater Cursor

Believed to be the only one left in the country from a small production run of only 5. First registered in 1987. Powered also by a 50c.c. engine. Very economical Runs on 2 stroke unleaded petrol. Very good fun to drive. Entry is gained by opening the two gull wing doors. Also has a small boot with a hatchback. Ideal promotions style vehicle as it is a terrific head turner.

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