Archive 1 Set 5: Gallery 081 - 100

Archives of your 3-Wheelers.

Gallery 100

My thanks go to Guy Mendum for these photos of his Reliant Robin Estate. Whats more Guy is the 100th person to submit images for the Owners Gallery and so to celebrate I shall be sending him a Vanguards Reliant model. Guy writes:

... I said i would send you a photo of my Robin when i get them developed. Sorry it's taken so long but my scanner broke. The car cost 125 and looked a bit manky when i got it but all it took was a bit of a clean and polish. Plus its only done 36 thousand miles which is pretty cool for a car 21 years old (V plate) and its in well good condition.

Im in the process of tarting it up at the moment. I bought some alloys the other day, five 12x5 minilites for a 150 with Falklen tyres with loads of tread. But its starting to get expensive as i have to get some inch spacers and a load of other gubbins to make them fit which is costing a little over 50. Oh well, its should look cool when i get them on.