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West of England Steam Rally, St Agnes Cornwall, UK. August 16th- 17th 2002.

Report & Pictures by Alan Hubbard.

I certainly get around don't I? This was a bonus of my Summer Holiday to Cornwall this year, I didn't know anything about the event until my wife spotted an advert in the what's going on leaflet free with the information pack in the Caravan!!

This 3 day event was so well organised it gets my top marks if anyone's interested! Temporary 3 way lights at the entrance set the scene and allowed all the local traffic to get by much quicker. Much more efficient than a bunch of stewards directing traffic so common at other events.


The entrance price was £4 for adults and £2 for children, which I thought was the most reasonable price I've ever had to pay! Once again 10/10. The weather was something else! blue sky to the left, blue sky to the right, but overhead, dense clouds! it was quite windy but the cloud remained there practically all day! the blue sky either side offering a chance of what could have been a sunny day, remained tantalising close but never materilised into anything more!

This well organised event was predominately a traction engine Rally which was well attended if the number of cars parked in the field was anything to go by. There must have been at least 40 Traction engines and rollers present with probably the same again in scale versions. There were many working displays by the engines including sawing and threshing. The well positioned arena even had seating all around the perimeter, and I'm not talking hay bales here!! proper benches!something I've never seen before! I tell you little things like this make events stand out from their counterparts.Tremendous!

Equally, there was a good turn out of classic cars and motorcycles and a high turn out of working tractors. Amongst the market stalls, the autojumble was very limited, I spotted the latest release from Vanguard models a powder blue Reliant Supervan!! I thought stick a sticker on the side and Elvis need not get his made!! As for the real 3 wheelers to one!! ( on the day we went, there may have been others over the weekend.) but what a 3 wheeler it was! A Trojan Bubblecar in near perfect condition and complete with appropriate literature on the parcel shelf it certainly caught everyones eye!

Alan Hubbard