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Old 3-Wheeler Advertisements

Raleigh 1933

Let the smart lines of the New 8 CWT Raleigh advertise your business while it delivers the goods.

Smart looking delivery vans are a good advertisement. That is why traders everywhere are so enthusiastic about the ultra-smart appearance of the new streamlined 8 cwt. Raleigh. Its roomy body not only provides better housing for the driver, but gives no less than 74 cubic feet of space for goods. The new Raleigh is bigger and better in every way. The engine is more powerful than, and as dependable and economical as the previous model which sold in thousands. Decide now to deliver the Raleigh way write for folder describing vans, lorries, and a model especially suitable for your particular trade.

Special Features: Car type frame and steering, streamlined body, low loading level, twin cylinder engine and shaft drive, differential rear axle, three forward speeds and reverse, detachable and interchangeable wheels and spares. Completely equipped with 4-lamp set, electric screen wiper, electric starter, speedometer, horn, safety glass, mirror. 40-50 mpg. Low oil consumption.  Price 95 GNS, Tax only 4, Comprehensive Insurance from 7 10s.

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