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Old 3-Wheeler Advertisements

Grinnall Scorpion  1992

A new dimension in true sports car driving.

Scorpion 3 is a unique driving machine. Not for a long time in the automotive world has a shape so radically graceful developed beyond the concept stage.  The engineering skills of Grinnall Specialisy Cars and the leaders of automotive design, MGA Developments, have combined in perfect harmony to give you a speedster that re-defines the concept of the true sports car. 

Three-wheeled and mid-engined, with motorcycle power and devoid of all non-essentials, the Scorpion must be the purest driving machine for the road today. The standard of craftmanship and attention to detail is to the higest level without concessions to excessive comforts.

Simultaneously, the driver is the prime consideration, making life behind the wheel of the Scorpion as easy as it is rewarding. When driving the Scorpion, all the senses are stimulated to the full.  The grip and handling are sensational, the power and sound of the double overhead cam, fuel-injected high revving motorbike engine is exhilarating.  Thrills from high performance integrated with superior safety produce supercar virtues with more environmenatally friendly emissions and economy. But none of this is of any relevance once you are out on the open roads. Driving the Scorpion to the full, you're simply unable to stop yourself from smiling.

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