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Old 3-Wheeler Advertisements

A.C 1914

The 1914 "AC Sociable" Alone in 1907—foremost ever since.

The 1910 "A.C.' Sociable holds a unique position amongst Cyclecars by reason of its consistent running under all sorts of conditions in all parts of the world. It is the outcome of years of experience and is entirely constructed at our well-equipped works at Thames Ditton. The "A.-C." Sociable is admittedly the most simple Cyclecar on the road and can be mastered by the merest novice without any previous mechanical knowledge. By a simple device the Engine Cover can be removed and the whole of the Engine, Carburettor, and Magneto are at once within easy reach. If desired the whole power unit may be removed complete in 20 minutes, and in less time the rear wheel may he taken out. The magneto is instantly removable vithout the use of tools.

The "A.-C." Sociable is as immune from side slip as any four-wheeler, and we claim and are prepared to demonstrate that the "A-C' can take corners with safety at a greater speed than any other Cyc!ecar or Car.

These qualities are accounted for by the low centre of gravity, wide track, and scientific weight distribution. The system of cooling employed on the "A.-C." Sociable gives the efficiency of water-cooling yet does away with the complications and weight of radiator, pump, cooling water, water jacket and the many troubles and inconvenience incidental thereto, Its efficiency is proved by the fact that "A.-C.'s are running under all sorts of conditions in all parts of the globe, while in their commercial form as the "Auto-Carrier" they are in daily use under admittedly arduous conditions in an equally_ wide sphere.

We are always pleased to see clients at Thames Ditton, and not only show them "A -C." Vehicles in varicus stages of construcdon, but also take them round our Works, which are unique in that they are the largest Works in the World solely and wholly equipped for the manufacture of Cyclecars. A demonstrator is always available for trial runs

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