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50th National Rally 24thMay- 26th May 2008 (Shrewsbury, UK)

Being the 50th National Reliant Rally and hearing about some of the vehicles that were going to be there had me really excited about going. Sadly, it wasn’t to be as on the way there, my Reliant (Ole Blue) burst into flames and was totally destroyed.

As though has had a review of the National Reliant Rally every year since 2001, help is on hand this year as my brother Geoff and did a review for me. Over to Geoff:

Well after a bad start with Ole Blue the show must go on as they say, or the disco anyway as I was providing the entertainment for the Saturday night again.

It was good to see so many friends again at the ROC, as with Elvis I don’t get chance to go to many meetings and as normal was made to feel very welcome. News spread fast of Ole Blue on the field and people new and old to the ROC were offering there support if there was anything they could do. It’s good to see that the sprit of the ROC has not died after 50 years.

Saturday evening started with the early bird Karaoke and we had quite a few good singers up which was good and when Pete finished his song a chap came over and offered 20 to start a fund for Elvis. At the end of the night the fund stood at 78 so thank you to all those that donated.

Sunday started off well (It was dry) then it came back rain and then more of it. The rain stayed in all day as last year. It was nice to see that during the opening that they had brought together 15 host from the passed years, which made a nice line up. Outside no one let the rain stop them. All the stalls and games went into the hall and maneuverability went onto the small service road. It was good to see so many having a go and thanks to those few that stood in the rain all day setting it up for us. I also set up a small test for people, If that placed one pound in the charity bucket for Focus On Blindness then they could drive Old Red or the Reliant Ant and we had quite a few takers.

The car line up was very impressive as on the front row we had three girder fork Reliants. We had a 1953 8ctw Regent, Wilfred’s 1951 10ctw Regent and my 1949 8ctw van (Old Red). As I had my new camera with me Linda asked me if I could get the cars set up and photo them for the ROC and I must say the line up was great with the Union Jack tear drop looking wonderful.

At prize giving I knew I had won one trophy as there was a new one for the oldest Reliant at the show and course that was Old Red, but much to my delight Pete, Kerry and my self won the team maneuverability trophy as well as we had entered in New Blue.

Time moved on and after the prize giving we went back to Pete and Dees for food (Thanks to you both) and much to our surprise it stopped raining. I had noticed on Old Red that the carburetor was leaking and had been for some time but after what happen to Ole Blue I changed my mind about driving her home so called out the AA. Pete explained that the carburetor was leaking and that it could not be fixed so what did they do, send a patrol man who said “That’s not a Robin Reliant”. He was surprised at how many people could tell him off in such a short spate of time lol. He then said I can’t fix that you will have to be recovered, d’oh, why do they not listen to what you have to say. So whilst we were waiting we went into the hall where there was now a live act playing entertaining the crowds. The best bit of the night was Pete Higgins in a very fetching wig lol.

All in all it was a good weekend if a little over shadowed by what happen on the motorway to Elvis’ car. So here’s to seeing you all next year at the ROC unless your at Tamworth that is.

Click on the title to see that group of pictures.





Following on from Geoff’s report, I would like to thank all those who put money towards the collection for Ole Blue. I plan to use the money by doing something for the ROC.