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48th National Rally  26thMay- 29th May 2006 (Coven, Wolverhampton, UK)

Photos Set 1

My Reliant Regal Supervan III (Ole Blue) enjoying a quiet moment at the side of the field.

Ole Blue sitting next to a 1949 Reliant 8cwt van that my brother had borrowed from the Black Country Living museum. It is hard to believe that when Ole Blue was manufactured in 1972, the 8cwt van was only 23 years old. It just shows how much Reliant vehicles changed in 23 years.

On the Saturday night I won the raffle twice, first time I chose a tow rope (just in case) and then a car shampoo kit that included these “Bad Boy” fluffy dice.

For the Car of the Day competition, my car was like a market stall with all the tools and objects in the back of the van. Also on show was an A3 charicature drawing of my car done by Graham Hodgson.

Next Set of pictures.