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44th National Rally  31st May - 3rd June 2001 (Coven, Wolverhampton, UK)

Photos Set 3

This is me in Kerry Croxton’s 1986 Reliant Rialto 2 taking part in the maneuverability competition. At this point I’m about to reverse into a pen to get as close as I can to a cane without touching it. (You can also just see my Rover in the top right hand corner)

My two trophies won on the day. Sadly they were not for 3-wheels but for four.  I kinda misjudged the width of a car in a 3-wheeler by several feet which would probably have put me last by several miles. In the manouverability competitions I came third in the Reliant 4-wheeler class, second in the non-Reliant class (My Rover) and in a team with Kerry Croxton and Paul Kenny we came first.

The main day of the rally (Sunday 2nd June) was also the day England starting the World cup with a match against Sweeden, and the weekend was also the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. From a field of cars Malcolm Norris’ was one to display both these occassions.

A sea of Reliants line up for the “Car of the Day” competition..

Next Set of pictures.