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44th National Rally  31st May - 3rd June 2001 (Coven, Wolverhampton, UK)

Photos Set 2

A 1971 Bond Bug 700 ES, despite seeing Bond Bugs before this was the first time I actually got to have a good look at one.

After chatting to its owner, Gary Moore, he let me sit inside it to try it out for size.  The car was great, but my legs did seem a bit squashed - but I’d still love to get a Bond Bug one day.

Another Bond Bug at the show was this 1972 Bond Bug 700ES. Apart from the colour the owner told me that the Bug was almost totally original from the shocks upwards. A number of White Bond Bugs were painted white for Rotherman Cigerettes though in this case the owner preferred white.

I never see a Bond Bug up close and then suddenly I see three all in one go. This modified 1971 Bond Bug looked quite sporty with small windscreens replacing the canopy and a front air scoop and aerofoil on the top.

Next Set of pictures.