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43rd National Rally  25th- 28th May 2001 (Wolverhampton, UK)

Photos Set 3

For me one of the highlights of the Rally was at last getting to see a Raleigh Safety Seven close up.  This is an excellent 1934 example owned by Martin Strange. I asked Martin could I sit in it and pose for a photograph.  After I folded my legs away Dan Lockton went to take the photo for me but opps ... got side tracked by the lady walking past.

.. so Dan tried again and this time got me. Despite its long length the clearance between the steering wheel and the seat is only a few inches. I would love to own one of these but think I would need to change the steering wheel for a smaller one so I can fit in. (Mind you I had to do that in my old Robin to).The round item on the side is the original 1934 tax disk.

The rear passengers view of the dashboard. The little black box on top of the dashboard is the wiper motor. The seats feel really deep when you sit in them.

Another view of the dashboard. This was taking with the hood up as it was pouring down with rain at the time.

Next Set of pictures.