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43rd National Rally  25th- 28th May 2001 (Wolverhampton, UK)

Photos Set 2

A great example of a 1956 Reliant Regal Mk III.  A sign of the times is also shown on the vehicles engine plate that details it was manufactured by the “Reliant Engineering Motor Company”.  The original name of Reliant. The side screens are actually plastic screens that literally slot into two holes in the top of the door when you need to use them.

The dashboard of the Regal Mk III. Some of the controls like the dip switch look almost pre-war but the vehicle has fantastic access to the engine (under the bulge seen to the left in the photo) compared to its counterparts that were to follow.

Not so long ago some one emailed me and asked, “What does the badge on a front of a Reliant Regal 3/25 look like. I didn’t have an answer then but I do now .. It looks like this.

A 1964 Reliant Regal 3/25

Next Set of pictures.