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“Toast” (BBC Drama).

Moseley, Birmingham. UK. 25th June 2010.

“... When our scene came, Lucie was just down the road so I charged down to her, said to her “This is it, your moment has arrived”

“Top Gear” (BBC Motor Programme).

Dunsfold, Surrey. UK. 24th June 2010.

“... Prior to going into the studio we discovered that there are over 500,000 applicants to get onto Top Gear and to allow each person on would take 83 years.”

Tamworth Heritage Day 2009.

St Editha’s Square, Tamworth, Staffs..UK. 13th September 2009.

“... We chose a vehicle from each decade ... As far as we know, this was the first Reliant gathering to include a vehicle from every decade.”

Register of Unusual Microcars Celebration Weekend.

Hawkenbury, Kent.UK. 26th - 27th July 2009.

“...Amongst the fascinating was now the four smallest microcars in form of the Peel P50, the Peel Trident, the Brütsch Mopetta and the Acoma Mini-Comtesse. ..”

Tamworth Anniversary Weekend.

St Editha’s Square, Tamworth, Staffs..UK. 26th May 2009.

“...The best thing with Tamworth is that nearly everyone knows someone who has had a Reliant or who has worked at Reliant and so every car seems to bring different memories for different people.. ..”

Reliant Owner’s Club. 51st National Rally.

Bromsgrove. UK. 24 - 26th May 2009.

“...Next, without stopping, you had to stick your arm out of the window and place a solid dog ball on top of a traffic cone. ..”

The Royal (TV Medical Drama).

Scarborough. UK. 26 - 27th November 2008.

“...We then drove Lucie down to the building that portrays “The Royal” in the program and managed to get a few shots before the cast and crew arrived.”

BFBS Television Filming.

Dudley & Wombourne, West Midlands. UK. 20th September 2008.

“... They wanted to use Lucie for this type of shot as she had such a shapely front end.”

Tamworth Heritage Day 2008.

St Editha’s Square, Tamworth, Staffs..UK. 14th September 2008.

“... My plan this year was to take all three of my Reliants, my 1961 Reliant Regal Mk VI van (Lucie), 1970 Reliant Regal Supervan III 21E (Snoopy)and 1974 Reliant Robin (Gwenn)..”

Souled Out - A new film for 2009.

Wellington Street, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs..UK. 3rd - 4th September 2008.

“... After a couple of scenes were shot I was told that Lucie was required and so I parked her at the side of the road was the film crew directed where the wanted it. ..”

Heritage Motor Centre.

Gaydon, Warwickshire.UK. 27th July 2008.

“... Designed by Herbert Austin, in June 1898, Austin drove this car 250 miles from Birmingham to Rhyl and back, which for such an early car is quite remarkable.. 

Coventry Transport Museum.

Coventry.UK. 20th July 2008.

“... One of my favourites was the 1912 Crouch complete with a suffragette using it as a platform to adorn the walls with “Votes for Women” posters. 

Dosthill Boys Club - Open Day.

Dosthill, Tamworth, Staffs.UK. 5th July 2008.

“... Just to prove me wrong, as soon as the key was turned she fired up and I took her for a few trips around the field.” 

Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008.

Tamworth, UK - North Cape, Norway. 6th June - 26th June 2008.

“... Well the big day is here and with tears back home we are off on our journey to the North Cape.”

Reliant Owners Club - 50th National Rally.

Shrewsbury Agricultural Showground, Shrewsbury.UK. 24th May - 26th May 2008.

“... Being the 50th National Reliant Rally and hearing about some of the vehicles that were going to be there had me really excited about going. Sadly, it wasn’t to be...”

Tamworth Heritage Weekend 2007.

Tamworth Information Centre, Market Street, Tamworth, Staffs..UK. 8th - 9th September 2007.

“... No one is disappointed, as David turns the key the Robin burst into life and the huge V8 burbles away with the occasional roar to meet the demand of all those asking to hear a few loud revs..”

33rd UK (Inter) National Microcar Rally.

Huntingdon Racecourse, Cambridgeshire. UK. 6th - 9th September 2007.

“... Alan then jumped into the AC and I was most surprised to see that the choke and starter lever and by located under the driver seat”

Practical Classics Photo Shoot.

Wiltshire.UK. 19th July 2007.

“... Ole Blue isn’t fast compared with modern vehicles but as she charged back down the runway, I got out and several people commented, “I did’nt think Reliants were that fast”.

Dosthill Boys Club - Open Day.

Dosthill, Tamworth, Staffs.UK. 14th July 2007.

“... Upon reaching Dosthill we all parked lining the cars up in chronological order and so with a single line up with had 58 years of Reliant’s 65 year history.” 

Reliant Owners Club - 49th National Rally.

Shrewsbury Agricultural Showground, Shrewsbury.UK. 25th May - 29th May 2007.

“... Rain, rain, rain, that’s one word that will sum up this years National Rally. The heavens opened up.”

Register of Unusual Microcars (RUM cars).

Hawkenbury, Kent. UK. 9th - 17th March 2007.

“... Only two known examples are known to exist and the other one is believed to be in Germany and so to see the only one in the UK really was a treat”

Tamworth Heritage Weekend 2006.

Tamworth Information Centre, Market Street, Tamworth, Staffs..UK. 9th - 10th September 2006.

“... The vehicles attracted a serious amount of attention and having such a range meant there was almost something for everyone.”

Reliant Owners Club - 48th National Rally.

Coven Outdoor Education Centre, Wolverhampton.UK. 26th May - 29th May 2006.

“... Hey Thor, have you ever seen anything like that before?” Looking down Thor was far from amused and with a wave of his hand the heavens opened, and the rain came bucketing down.”

How to restore Reliant Regal - Book launch.

Tamworth Information Centre, Market Street, Tamworth, Staffs. UK. 17th December 2005.

“... After about 5 minutes there was a strange clattering sound and I noticed my brother turning and looking at the Reliant’s bonnet with a puzzled look on his face.”

Reliant Owners Club - 47th National Rally.

Coven Outdoor Education Centre, Wolverhampton.UK. 27th May - 30th May 2005.

... Near the bottom was an ornamental squirrel clinging on for it’s life. This brought much amusement to my brother every time he saw the car..”

Weird Cars Exhibition. (Exhibition Launch Day)

.National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, Hampshire. UK. 21st March 2005.

“ ... It must be the only BMW that I’ve never seen tailgating me - so for that reason (and the fact it has 3 wheels) I like it”.

Retromobile 2005 & British Embassy. (Weird Cars Book Signing)

Paris, France. 11th February 2005.

“ ... The American chap howled and asked, “Just how do you get in, gee, I’d just love to see some one get in there”.

National Motorcycle Museum. (Opening Day)

Bickenhill, Solihull, West Midlands.UK. 1st December 2004.

... In the corner of the entrance hall a chilling reminder recalls the fire and in a large sealed glass chamber sits three burnt out wrecks surrounded by burnt debris.”

Reliant Owners Club - 46th National Rally.

Farthingdales Camp Site, Wolverhampton. UK. 28th & 31st May 2004.

... I have to admit that I really liked it and thought it looked great - though naturally being the big butch manly type of brute that I am I wouldn’t paint mine pink! ”

Farewell to Concorde.

Heathrow Airport, London. UK. 18th & 19th October 2003.

“ ...The noise was phenomenal and I looked up to see Concorde with four huge jet flames lighting up the night sky. It sounded like a rocket and the deep thunderous roar ...”

National Motorcycle Museum.

Bickenhill, Solihull, West Midlands.UK. 31st August 2003.

“... but then disaster struck. The day after my call the museum was almost totally destroyed by fire with hundreds of the motorcycles in there going up in flames.”

Tour of the Carver (Vandenbrink) Manufacturing Plant.

Gravendeel, Holland. 25th August 2003.

“... Upon arriving at the plant I first of all savored a much needed coffee and then Harry took me around the plant in the order that the Carver was made”

Reliant Owners Club - 45th National Rally.

Coven Outdoor Education Centre, Wolverhampton.UK. 23rd May - 26th May 2003.

“... As I looked at the cars I thought it's quite strange when your a webmaster of a site like You get to see everyone's car but never the owner's faces.”

Town & Country Festival.

Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, UK. 24th - 26th August 2002.

“... I walked up and down street after street of 4-wheelers and was wondering why on Earth was there no 3-wheelers when suddenly I spotted my first one; a very modest Sinclair C5”

Stoke in Steam.

Stoke on Trent, Staffs, UK. 13th - 14th July 2002.

“... During my time at this steam festival I saw some rare trike sights as well as some well known three wheelers. The first find was a 1949 Tri Van built in Wolverhampton”

Reliant Owners Club - 44th National Rally.

Coven Outdoor Education Centre, Wolverhampton.UK. 31st May - 3rd June 2002.

“... Gary lifted the bright orange hood and I clambered eagerly inside. Gary then asked, “Do you want the hood down?”, Yes please I replied and whack the lid came down straight on my head.”

Launch of the Reliant Robin BN-1.

Grays of Thrapston, Northampton. UK. 12th July 2001

“... When I first arrived I had a look ... inside and the first thing you notice when you poke your head in is the smell of leather, not something I have ever associated with my Reliants!”

Reliant Owners Club - 43rd National Rally.

Coven Outdoor Education Centre, Wolverhampton.UK. 25th - 28th May 2001.

“ ... Seeing all those 3-wheelers and listening to their little engines sing really made me realise how much I miss having one”

Motorshow 2000

NEC, Birmingham, UK. 20th October 2000.

“ ... Imagine how suprised I was to find this little gem on the Mercedes Benz stand. Its Karl Benz’s 1886 “Motorwagen”.

Tour of Reliant Motors Ltd Manufacturing Plant.

Two Gates,Tamworth, UK. 8th April 1993.

“ ... I was told during this week Reliant made approximately twenty five Robins (three of which were left hand vehicles bound for Austria) and three Scimitars.