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“35” The oldest vehicle

April 2009 Part 1. (Page 2 of 2)

The next day I could not go to the garage even though I longed to but the day after I was there and so was Pete to lend a hand.

I was amazed, as was Pete, at the fact the bolts after standing for 25 years just came undone as though they were only done up the day before.

First thing to come off was the back near side wheel. And after some gentle help (The Hammer) we got the drum off to reveal some very aged brake shoes. So bad were these that the linings were falling off.

Then to the off side wheel this was a little more stubborn and that may have a part to play in that when the drum was removed one of the brake shoes broke. The shoes are made from cast alloy and so far I have not been able to find what else had these shoes fitted. The closest I have found is a Vintage CV motor bike but these are for a 110 mm and mine are 250 mm.

Good news though is that the back axle and differential are not seized up.

Next to come off was the drive chain connecting the gear box and engine once removed the gearbox moved freely selecting all three forward gears and its reverse. And with another four bolts undone the engine was out and four more saw the gear box out.  Then to the front wheel and undid the front wheel.

It is my aim to start the rebuild with the engine and put some new rubber on the wheels so that she can be seen at the Tamworth show in September 2009.

Back home next day I set up a table in my front room and started to strip the engine down. This engine is a J.A.P 600cc single cylinder unit and according to the code is a sports version. With the very rusty head removed this showed a very clean piston inside. Getting the WD40 out and not being scared to use it I sprayed a load into the cylinder, and then taking the stale of the hammer I gently tapped the piston down. And to my surprise it moved so I rotated the crank to lift it again and tapped it once more for it to brake free and move nicely up and down the cylinder. With the block off, as I want to get this and head shot blasted I set about looking at the points which are well shot so much so that they will not brake free from the housing. One trick I have been told about is this freeze spray so I will be getting some to see if that works.

Once the engine is done then I will turn to the gear box and check that out and I know that has one big scare for me but that can wait till next month.

Geoff Payne. April 2009

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The brakes shoes are enormous

The JAP engine about to be dissected.

Seized points.

Seized valves.

Seized 600cc piston.


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