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“35” The oldest vehicle

September 2010 Part 2. (Page 2 of 2)

The day of the 5th Reliant Gathering at the Tamworth Heritage weekend finally came and 35 went there hidden under a sheet so that no one could see him until Tamworth’s Carnival Prince and Princess could take the covers off and show the world.  The moment arrived and 35 was unveiled.  35 was seen by people for the first time he got a great response from both Reliant owners and town visitors who never knew how Reliant started or indeed that Reliant once used to use JAP engines in the vehicles. The best comment of the day though came from my old teacher Mr. Bob Cole when he said what a great job I had done on 35. He also loved the fact that all my screw heads all went the same way. At the end of the day I was delighted to discover that 35 had been voted as “Car of the Day” and so 35 took away his first trophy.

Well time does not stand still for no man as they say and the next show for 35 is in November when he will be shown on the Reliant stand at the NEC Classic Car Show stand number 4C165.  It will be the first time that Reliant 3-wheelers have appeared at the show so I need to get cracking now and get all the last little jobs done so until next month,

Bye for now

Geoff Payne September 2010

Geoff with 35.

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The Prince and Princess of Tamworth unveil 35 at the 5th Reliant Gathering in Tamworth.

35 now wearing hIs number plate 894 XUV.

35’s foot boards.


35 on show at the 5th Reliant Gathering in Tamworth.


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